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I don't like writing reviews but after wearing these aids for a couple of weeks now I still get excited when I put them on. I bought the Starkey Livio AI hearing aids. What a game changer I work in a noisy environment and the aids use the GPS in my connected phone to track my location and movement to see if I'm driving or at work and changes the program to fit the environment. I can even create my own programs to fit any noise environment , I can watch TV or listen to music streamed directly to the aids with a supplied Bluetooth broadcaster. Did I mention I can talk on my phone using the aids. As a bonus I can use them as a language translator ala Star Trek. "Speak into the phone please" and the English translation goes straight to my aids 27 languages! I love these things. Tech stuff aside working with the audiologist Rena was great. I found her to be very knowledgeable. She conducted a thorough hearing examine and worked with me to determine which aids best fit my needs. Rena programmed the aids to match my hearing profile and tweaked them during follow-up visits. She spent an hour explaining how to use them and what to expect as my brain adjusts to all the new sounds I'd been missing all these years. Frankly I had no clue that hearing and understanding conversation was not just making things louder. The professionalism, attention to detail and the patient in this office front and back is unsurpassed.
Barry Botelho, on Google

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